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The Underwater Robot Competition is one of the main activities under the HSBC / HKUST Robotics For Youths Programme (the Programme). With the support from HSBC, the Programme will continue to offer a unique platform for iSTEAM (Inclusion, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education. The Programme will engage tertiary students to lead students from P.4 to S.3, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), disabilities, the underprivileged and ethnic minorities, and teachers to take part in this experiential learning and community engagement initiative.


With the strong engineering support from HKUST, we are confident that HSBC / HKUST Robotics For Youths Programme will be an excellent platform for iSTEAM, with objectives below:

  1. Develop experiential learning for iSTEAM education through robotics;
  2. Nurture students at young age for future skills;
  3. Empower tertiary students to put 21st century skills into practice;
  4. Contribute to the wellbeing and inclusiveness of society &
  5. Encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration.

We believe that this programme can ignite students’ interest in learning science, mathematics & engineering and inspire more to become scientists and engineers as well as their empathy for others who have special needs.

Dr. Tim Woo
Chairperson of Organising Committee Underwater Robot Competition
HSBC / HKUST Robotics For Youths Programme


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HSBC / HKUST Robotics For Youths Programme includes :

  1. iSTEAM Mentoring Team
  2. Underwater Robot Competition
  3. iSTEAM Impact Measurement
  4. STEAM Qualification Framework Development

The programme will serve students from diverse backgrounds. We aim to boost their confidence and to bring about a harmonic and positive effect on society as a whole. We will make good use of participants’ feedback and evaluation to measure the impact of iSTEAM. Collaborating with other tertiary institutions, we will also empower tertiary students to put 21st century skills* into practice through the Programme.


    Stay tuned with us for more upcoming iSTEAM activities!

    Please contact us for collaboration opportunities with our STEAM Tutor Team.